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Disappearing Ink Pen
Disappearing Ink Pen
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GPS Tracking Devices are not or should not be used for illegal activity.

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SpyIreland Bolt Tracker
The SpyIreland Bolt is intended for service in a harsh environment for up to 2 years on Battery Save mode or 3 months typical usage. It has a IP68 hard case with a waterproof external USB charging port to make it capable of brief submersion. It contains a Prime2 circuit board and a 10,400mAh battery giving it up to 2 years in Battery (Stealth) Save mode.

It has a 3G modem, a large cache memory allowing it to remember up to 10,000 positions if disconnected from the phone network which it will upload on reconnection. Its 3 internal Neodymium magnets give it exceptionally strong attachment to ferrous surfaces. Along its length it has two sets of cut-aways to allowing it to be secured to any other type of surface using cable ties.

It has an external USB Mini B female charging port behind a screw-secured cover plate to prevent water ingress.

All 5 user interfaces are available to it.

General characteristics
Weight: 465g Dimensions: Length=145mm; Width=58mm; Thickness=42mm Battery: Lithium polymer (LiPo) 10400mAh 3.7V / 80-90 days autonomous power. Each device comes with pre-installed free credits for initial usage: 200 position credits; 10 SMS credits

GPS characteristics:
GPS chipset: uBlox all-in-one chipset. 50 channel Class 12 Quad-band operation 850/900/1800/1900MHz Reception - rapid: TTFF (Time To First Fix): 29s (cold start unobstructed sky), 1s (hot start - already started) External antenna gain: +5dBm at 1575MHz Precision: +/- 2.5m after first report when warmed up and with a strong GPS signal. Motion detection: 3 axis accelerometer: 2g User interface: USB mini B Charger: Mains charger and USB lead included. It does not require a charging mat. There is no On/Off button There is an LED/status indicator, which can covered with tape if not wanted.

Remote access from Tracking Panel allows users to:
Set the frequency for position reporting; View the emergency/panic button status; Set a Geo-Fence zone(s) and turn them On & Off; Turn On/Off (Arm/Disarm) the Motion detecion function Send commands (SMS) to the tracker to change settings; Enter mobile phone number(s) for SMS messages or e-mail addresses of the alert recipients.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 12 July, 2016.